To become a member of the Harvard Club of Poland you must meet one of the following criteria:



The status of a regular member of the Club is granted to:

  • individuals who have completed their studies and obtained a diploma from Harvard University, and are therefore listed in the Harvard Alumni Association database as graduates;
  • individuals who have spent at least one academic year at Harvard University in a scholarly capacity;
  • individuals significantly associated with Harvard University in other ways.


The status of a supporting member of the Club is granted to individuals or legal entities that declare or contribute financially, scientifically, or substantively to the realization of the Club's goals. In particular, this status may be granted to:

  • individuals who have completed a program of study at Harvard University lasting at least one academic year and have obtained a certificate of completion from Harvard University;
  • individuals otherwise associated with Harvard University;
  • students of Harvard University.

Joining our club offers you the opportunity to connect with other Harvard alumni and participate in exclusive events and activities. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Email the Club at with the Application Sheet / Arkusz aplikacji.

Upon a successful review by the Executive Board, you will be added to our mailing list and informed about upcoming events.


The annual dues are:

500 PLN

Payable to:

  1. Our bank account:
    IBAN: PL 47 1140 2017 0000 4202 1059 6569
    For the benefit of: Stowarzyszenie Harvard Club of Poland
    Title: Dues (mention which year)

  2. paypal

See you soon!